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Chocolate Milk Frosting

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Mar. 13th, 2008 | 04:16 pm

I am sure everyone who reads this blog is DYING to know more vegan recipes, and since I am unemployed + super bored, I will take that role for the time being to share some of my favorite recipes.  :)  I understand like, no one reads my blog anyways, but if this annoys anyone, let me know, cause I'll just make a recipe blog that isn't devoted to bitching about my life.  :)  And I'll only share the URL with freaky vegan friends.

Now, onto...


Cupcakes kick ass.  I love them because I love everything miniature.  Since I love everything miniature, I try to keep an eye on how much I eat to.  Cupcakes are great because you always know how much you ate.  It's not like "Oh, was that a big slice of cake, a medium one?  Two layer or three layer??? hmmm"... you always know how much you ate.  Even if you already ate two this afternoon like I did.  :)  Plus, if you are making them for a group, you always know how many to bake.
Oh, + of course, they are cute as hell.

I used the recipe for the Golden Vanilla cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.  They taste great.  If you don't already own the book, go check it out @ the library or buy it!  It has amazingly tasty recipes + beautiful photos.  It's also not one of those vegan cookbooks that call for crazy shit all the time like tofu + "egg replacer" + vegan yogurt (though they may at times).  It's really easy recipes with ingredients
usually everyone always has on hand.
If you don't have access to this recipe, there are tons of great cake recipes online, too! =) =) =)

Chocolate Milk Frosting

    I just made this up today.  It's a bit different than plain chocolate frosting.  Mostly because of the chocolate sauce + cinnamon.  I think it really balances out the flavor to make it both richer + fuller tasting than ordinary chocolate frosting.
    This recipe makes a smaller batch of frosting.  This should be enough to cover 12 cupcakes with the amount shown in the photos.  If you need mountains of it, make more!!!


- 3/8 cup room temperature veggie butter like Earth Balance (3/8 c. is equal to 3/4 of a stick)
- 2 cups powdered sugar
- 1/4 cup dutch cocoa
- 3 tablespoons of chocolate syrup (you don't need this but this is what makes it taste good like chocolate milk... :) just add a bit more almond milk       otherwise... btw, I use Ahhh-laska because it's yummy and corn syrup free)
- 1-3 tablespoons almond milk (start with one til you get the desired fluffiness or wetness you wish)
- Sprinkle of Salt
- 2 tsp vanilla
- Dash of cinnamon

Sweet Creaming Directions

       1.  After your butter has warmed up a bit* + your cupcakes are in the oven, begin to cream your butter either by hand, your fancy ass KitchenAid mixer, or, your modest yet, very manageable, hand mixer like me!
       2.  Sift your powdered sugar**, cocoa and cinnamon into a separate bowl.
       3.  Add your chocolate syrup, salt, vanilla and half your sugar mixture into the cream butter.  Mix 'til
       4.  Add the other half of the sugar mixture and beat for a few minutes (2-3) to make it fluffy w/ air.  If you are mixing by hand, do this for a while until you're happy with the consistency.
       5. Your cupcakes are probably baked now!  Pull them out + let them cool!  If you frost when they're still warm, the frosting'll melt + that's gross!  Pull them out of the tin after a few minutes and place them in the fridge if you're inpatient like me.  It's best to put them on a cooling rack.  The sides of the cupcakes need to breath, otherwise moisture gets stuck inside the paper + that's what causes your cake to stick to the paper.
       6. Now that you understand how to let heat dissipate properly - frost your cupcakes.  I like to pipe*** my frosting on.  You can also spread it on.  Either way is tasty!  Now just cover them in sprinkles + fun stuff!

*As taboo as it is, I rarely let the butter warm.  I just cream it extra well to get it flowing.  I've read you actually get a better product if you do let it warm, but it's very hard to pre-warm for impromptu cooking.
**I use a colander + just shake it to sift.  You could also use a "sifter"- which has on only, are a pain in the ass + needless to mention- ugly.  So just get a cheap, cute, fine mesh colander @ Target for like 3 dollars like I've done.  Not only can you use it to sift flour + sugar, but to drain pasta obviously, and also sift powdered sugar over brownies + cakes to dust them with the tasty white powder.  Lastly, if you do not have any sort of sifting advice- fuck it.  It just removes lumps + makes the frosting smoother + airy-er.  Without it, it still chocolaty, fatty, and sugary, so who cares?
***Frosting kits are cheap.  Wilton makes an array coming with a bag or several disposable bags and a few piping tips.  You can buy them at Target for less than 5 bucks usually.  They are also sold at craft stores + Williams Sonoma... but Target is way more badass.

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Comments {2}

all we have is our love and our guts baby

(no subject)

from: atyourmercy
date: Mar. 14th, 2008 12:51 am (UTC)

Wow, and to think I just started my diet today. I'm having a cupcake craving. :(

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(no subject)

from: anonymous
date: Mar. 14th, 2008 01:52 am (UTC)

But cupcakes are part of a nutritious, healthy diet!! Seriously though, that's my downfall. I LOVE sugar! I can't get enough.
Good luck w/ the diet, though ;)

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